Reignlist Frequently Asked Questions

No, Reignlist is always 100% FREE to search and/or post a profile. Reignlist will not ask for your credit card. There is no trial period or upselling for an upgraded or premier service.
As long as you want, you do not have to repost every few days. Each category varies: a real estate listing is for 90 days, a vacation rental is for 180 days, a professional profile is for 180 days and a product profile is for 30 days. There is a time limit in case the profile owner forgets to delete their profile when they need to. However, the profile owner will receive a notification 7 days prior to the expiration with an unlimited options to automatically repost.
Yes, you can update, add photos, videos, update status, and delete your profiles at any time.
Unlimited real estate listing profiles, vacation rental profiles, and product profiles. Only one professional profile per category.
Not unless you “unblock” your contact information. Otherwise they will only have your username and state.
You will receive a notification on your phone and computer. You will see a list of those members who have saved your profile on your Reignlist website.
Once a member saves a profile, the profile owner will receive a notification. At that point, both the member and profile owner can “private message” each other. Once a saved profile is deleted, members and profile owners will no longer be able to private message each other.
1. Everyone should keep a team of professionals on staff before they have a home emergency. For example, if you have a water leak, go to your saved plumbing professional, send a “private message” and you know the plumber has received an immediate notification on their phone instead of beginning your search for a plumber you don’t know.
2. Search and save potential vacation rentals. Members could receive this private message, “I see you are watching my vacation home, if you commit today, I can give you a $500 discount”.
3. Search, save and potentially receive discounts on any product related to real estate needed to maintain or furnish your home.
It comes directly from the source; realtor, owner, or representative and therefore it is the most accurate on the internet. Reignlist will not take intellectual property of individual realtors or owners, mix it with other content and rebrand it as our own.
If Reignlist believes the content to be untrue, misleading, offensive, or is detrimental to the members or to Reignlist, we reserve the right to delete any information at any time.
It is a service by members for members of Reignlist. A member can search a photo by category to show family, friends or a contractor how they want their home or remodel to look.
Absolutely, either post a promo code in your “comments” section or you can send the promo code to the member via “private message”
No, we will never need your credit card information. Any product or service is purchased either in person or by linking on to the profile owner’s website.
No, we recommend once you save a profile, check with the BBB and ask for references via your “private message” feature. A posted profile is not an automatic endorsement from Reignlist.
Anyone, an individual, retailer, supplier, wholesaler, or retailer can post a profile for a new or used product.
Not presently. For now it is limited to residents of the United States and Canada. With plans to expand globally.
First simply ask them to stop, if they continue, delete their saved profile and they will no longer be able to private message you.
No, but you do need to be a member to post, save, send or receive a private messages.
Your full name, state, country and email address. Reignlist needs your cell phone number if you want to receive a phone notification when receiving a private message. However, unless you unblock your contact information, the profile owner will only see your username and state.
All posts in the real estate, vacation rental, professional and product sections will be totalled and up to .05 per profile will be donated. How fast can you help Reignlist reach 1,000,000 profiles?
After signing in, go to the tab at the top of the page, “My Info”, click tab. Move down to password. Typing in a new password will update your password.

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