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This is a call to action for REALTORS, PROFESSIONALS and VACATION RENTAL MANAGERS/OWNERS to create the largest FREE real estate data base and community in the world. Once there are enough posts, you will see national advertising directing customers to your listings and professional profiles.


For a limited time, every new member who signs up and every post entered will earn the opportunity to win a new iPhone 7.

For example: A realtor joins as a new member (1 chance), creates a professional profile (1 chance) and posts 5 listings (5 chances), will have a total of 7 chances to win.
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Reignlist is now partnering with St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Your free posts will directly benefit children in need. Thank you and make it reign.


We are so committed to creating the largest real estate community in the world and want to assure
you that is genuine, I have included my personal contact information.

Anthony Brown, CEO Reignlist Inc. 919-819-1133

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