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    Kennedy Mann Architecture

    The Chicago-based firm of Kennedy Mann Architecture, established in 2009 by Ben Kennedy, AIA, and Matthew Mann, AIA, fuses interests in innovation and experimentation with a desire to explore cultural complexities relative to the built environment. Their versatile practice includes projects at the local and international level ranging from large-scale commercial and residential commissions. Their approach to each project investigates the collaboration of materiality and space, believing that both are a direct representation of the adaptable nature of their client’s environment. Their solutions are built not on a pre-determined aesthetic or a rigid “signature style”, but on a naturally growing quest for ideas and answers to their client’s design challenges. Never imposed, design solutions evolve from a rigorous inquiry into the particulars of location, program and context. Each project represents their belief that we can transform problem-solving into a built environment. At its most basic, architecture is a response to fundamental human needs in a way of organizing space while meeting practical demands. At its most exalted, architecture can introduce new perspectives and new dynamics, reinvigorating both landscape and cityscape. KMA strives to synthesize these two goals, to create buildings that perform as well as excite, buildings that uplift the spirit and are memorable.

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    Interactive Design Architects, Inc

    We are relationship architects, building responsive and lasting connections with clients that best suit our capacities. We work collaboratively to reveal, develop and ultimately realize a client’s vision and, in so doing, earn our greatest asset – their trust. Successful projects are the outcome of our work, but successful relationships are the ultimate goal.


    Dirk Denison Architects

    Established in 1990, the office of Dirk Denison Architects offers a full range of programming, site analysis, design, preparation and administration of construction documents, and post-construction analysis, as well as interior furnishing and furniture design. Best known for its award-winning residential work, the Chicago-based firm has built its reputation of design excellence through a wide range of projects and scales, including multi-family, institutional and commercial projects. Dirk Denison Architects believes in the power of architecture to construct experience. The firm’s work focuses on creating a narrative that combines the idiosyncrasies of site, program and, ultimately, architecture. It is a process that elicits surprise, revelation, information, poetry, and seduction while fulfilling a basic human desire to shape its surroundings. The success of DDA’s work has led to a continued relationship with many of its clients on both a professional and personal level, testaments to the meaningful experiences that the firm’s creations engender.

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    Wheeler Kearns Architects

    Wheeler Kearns Architects

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    Studio Gang

    Founded by MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang is an architecture and urban design practice with offices in Chicago and New York. We work as a collective of 100 architects, designers, and planners. We collaborate closely with our clients, expert consultants, and specialists from a range of fields to design and realize innovative projects at multiple scales: architecture, urbanism, interiors, and exhibitions. We use design as a medium to connect people socially, experientially, and intellectually.

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    Manning Architects

    Architectural Services in New Orleans, New York, Dallas and Las Vegas Manning Architects, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, embodies architectural excellence by drawing upon our creativity, employing proven approaches, and exceeding client expectations. This commitment to excellence enables Manning Architects to arrive at the best possible solution in all our endeavors. We are architects, interior designers, urban designers and planners that facilitate our clients’ success. Our work brings our clients’ vision to fruition while adding to the vitality of communities. We believe that when all elements of the built environment are designed with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, aesthetic beauty, and a sense of place, the community enjoys a better quality of life.

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    Trapolin-Peer Architects

    New Orleans Architects We design spaces that reflect the distinct cultures of the communities just beyond their walls, while fostering inspirational cultures within. As New Orleans architects, we balance the lessons of history with continuous exploration and experimentation. Iconic in form and imaginative in function, our spaces show our dedication to the advancement of sustainable architecture. Our award-winning environments are intricately designed, from standout elements down to the smallest detail. Renowned for elegance and celebrated for historic property restorations and adaptive reuses, our firm specializes in solutions that are as captivating as they are conscientious.

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    Our work includes architectural design, community planning and community capacity building. Our aim is to create places and spaces that strike a balance between the Common Ground of timeless design principles and the Creative Edge of discovery and innovation – we call this “Building on the Common Edge”. To support this work we have developed a framework that we call the nexus. We use the Nexus framework as a tool for authentic collaboration with our clients – and our client’s client – the community-at-large.

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    Lachin Architects

    Lachin Architects, apc is committed to supplying clients with seamless collaboration and creative design solutions, backed by superior document production and project delivery. We believe in the constant development of both the personal and professional skills of our employees. The firm has been practicing in New Orleans and the surrounding area for over 70 years and the principal staff of Architects has over 100 years of design and project management experience. LA, apc consists of 6 licensed architects, 3 production specialists, and 3 administrative team members. With such a closely integrated team, our firm is able to ensure consistency in administering the design and delivery on all projects.

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    Jahncke & Burns

    Located in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, Jahncke & Burns Architects is a well-established architectural firm with a solid reputation in historic renovation, restoration and adaptive reuses as well as traditional and modern design. Architectural planning, master planning and full design services complement its portfolio of work, particularly in the areas of residential, commercial, institutional, schools, restaurants, museums, government and churches. The Jahncke signature has serviced with dedication and distinction its Louisiana and Gulf Coast clients for over three decades, helping to interpret and refine client needs and objectives. With a family history that goes back to 1872, the Jahncke name is a familiar one in New Orleans and surrounding parishes. The earlier Jahncke Architects was originally known for its strong, traditional architectural designs and earned a respectful following with such clients as the Historic New Orleans Collection, Trinity Church & School, Galatoire’s, McGehee School, to name a few.


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