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    Southern Stone Supply

    Southern Stone Supply Located in Raleigh, NC with an extensive portfolio of products including natural stone, manufactured stone and accessories for residential and commercial projects. Please feel free to stop by our showroom so we can show you around. We would love the opportunity to serve you!​

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    Welcome to Stonebridge With over 20 years experience, Stonebridge yards is dedicated to masonry construction. Simplicity of design, efficient services, and stunning results, make us a great choice. Raise your expectations. Together with his staff, owner John Bungert strives to create some of the Triangle’s finest hardscapes. Our commitment to our customers starts with an on time estimate and never ends. We take pride in meeting our clients’ needs. We understand your budget, can match your vision, and create exceptional outdoor spaces. 050 In our capable hands your dollar goes further; the years of experience have taught us the value lays in the quality of a project not its size. Masonry construction not only adds value to the property, but done well adds living space to the home. Like the materials themselves, contacting Stonebridge yards is a “solid” decision.

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    Wake Stone Corporation

    Wake Stone Corporation was founded in April 1970 by John Bratton, a civil engineer with 23 years of experience in the quarry business. He began the company with the purchase of approximately 100 acres of farm land near Knightdale, N.C. The granite reserves under the farm became the company's first quarry. Picture on left shows John Bratton (second from right) and his sons (from left) Sam, Ted and Johnny. The first employees were John Bratton, Johnny Bratton, Duncan McCormick, and Ronald Bissette. Sam Bryant was hired three months later. Together they erected the first crushing plant and developed the first pit. After purchasing the farm land, Wake Stone spent the next 10 months preparing for operation. During this time, a competitor reopened an abandoned quarry on adjacent property, posing a significant threat to the newly formed business. However, a few key customers had pledged their support to Mr. Bratton during the company's planning stages, and they remained loyal to their commitments. Those customers were the key to the initial survival of the company, and they are among Wake Stone's most important customers today. In 1974, the company took a bold step. It opened the Moncure Quarry to provide stone for CP&L's Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant in southern Wake County. Between 1974 and 1982, the quarry sold nearly three million tons of stone to CP&L. When the CP&L project was completed, Wake Stone closed the quarry. The decision came at an opportune time. For several years, Wake Stone had been planning, testing, acquiring real estate options, and attempting to gain permission for a site in Cary. Finally, in 1982 with all permits in hand, Wake Stone opened its Triangle Quarry. It was able to move the crew and much of the equipment from Moncure.The Triangle Quarry is adjacent to Interstate 40 and a short distance from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The site gave Wake Stone a strategic location. Although the economy was in a recession, Wake Stone was positioned to capitalize on the explosive future growth in the Research Triangle Park area. Six years after closing the Moncure Quarry, Wake Stone returned to the site in 1988 to take advantage of projected growth around Jordan Lake and in nearby counties. Reopening Moncure was like opening a new quarry. A new crew was hired and new equipment was purchased. Additional demands were placed on existing personnel. The last few years have proved the market studies correct. Moncure has been a very productive location, and its future looks especially bright. Two years after reopening the Moncure site, the company established a quarry in Nash County. Companies had been searching for a suitable location for some time, but there were no quarry operations in the county. Perseverance and good fortune paid off for Wake Stone. The Nash County Quarry opened in 1990 and sales have grown every year. The new location in 1994 helped bring Wake Stone's total employment to 100 for the first time. In 2000, Wake Stone expanded into South Carolina with the purchase of 400 acres and additional mineral lease of 1,100 acres on SC Highway 9, fifteen miles west of North Myrtle Beach. Opened in 2002, the new North Myrtle Beach Quarry was also Wake Stone’s first venture into mining marine limestone. Overcoming many new challenges in this new market, Wake Stone now produces SC DOT Marine Limestone Base Course (MLBC), NC DOT ABC, Commercial Base, and Structural Fill for much of the surrounding area, as well as serving as a local sales yard for products from Nash County Quarry. In 2012, an additional Agricultural Lime Plant was constructed to provide calcitic Ag-Lime to North and South Carolina farmers to use as a pH raising soil amendment. The years since 1970 have been a period of steady and controlled growth for Wake Stone. This approach has enabled Wake Stone to remain lean and efficient. By designing and building all of its operations, Wake Stone has provided continuing job opportunities for its employees and wisely managed its expenses. Almost half of Wake Stone's personnel have been with the company for more than 10 years. They have helped maintain the family atmosphere that goes back to the beginning. With their continued support, a strong customer base, ample stone reserves, and the continued economic growth of the Carolinas, Wake Stone is well positioned for years to come

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    Southern Stone Masonry

    Southern Stone Masonry

    Brick/Stone Mason
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    Henchek & Son

    Natural stone can be formed into an enduring statement of rich texture and beauty while adding a sense of security and mass to your projects. We take pride in giving your ideas a physical shape with our stonemasonry skills. We cut and dress raw stone and can create anything that you can imagine. We truly hope that you will consider us for your next stone project. Henchek & Son is a small family owned business that is operated out of Saint Charles, Missouri. Our stone mason relocated to Saint Charles from North Carolina in the fall 2006 and his clients have included everyone from small family projects to expensive home exteriors located in the exclusive Governor's Club community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He did his apprenticeship in North Carolina with Bill Ibison, who has spent his lifetime as a stonemason. Bill is a third generation stonemason who specializes in working with natural stone. We would be happy to discuss any project (large or small!) with you, and will give you a free estimate before the project begins. Please contact us for more information: Chris Henchek 636.493.0122 or 919.669.0674 email: Thank you!

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    Redmon Masonry​

    Welcome We have been in business for the last 30 years, proudly serving the Chapel Hill/Carrboro and Durham communities. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning. Throughout this web site you can see photos which are work either in the process of construction or completed work; all work was performed by Redmon Masonry Inc. We provide total foundation services; we also have extensive experience on remodeling and additions, we can build traditional to the whimsical walkway, retaining walls, steps, and all manner of outdoor accents. Chimneys have been a specialty from the beginning of the business. Please bear with us for we are much better masons than web-designers; Changes will be coming soon.

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    DEAN MASONRY three generations of masonry experience Phone: 919-906-0575 E-mail: INSURED We are experienced in all types of masonry and have worked in the Raleigh-Durham area on residential and commercial projects for over twelve years. We look forward to working with you on the design and realization of your masonry project. printer friendly contact information e-mail Dean Masonry

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    William E. Smith Masonry, Inc.

    Masonry At Its Best! Mailing Address: Phone: 919.321.1814 1818 Marions Ford Rd Fax: 919.383.1813 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 email: William E. Smith Masonry, Inc. is a family owned commercial masonry business that has been in business over 40 years. The founder and namesake who everyone knows as "Smitty" quicky came up through the trade of brick masonry and struck out on his own. Formerly known as William Smith Masonry Contractor and Smitty Masonry, the company was incorporated in 2008 as William E. Smith Masonry, Inc. Leadership of the company is now being shared by Smitty and his daughter Tiffany Smith. We serve the Triangle and Triad regions of the state of North Carolina. We are proud members of North Carolina Masonry Association and the United Minority Contractors Associaion of North Carolina. Specialties: Stone Masonry (natural and simulated) Brick / CMU Construction Brick / Concrete Pavers Retaining Walls Seat Walls Patch/Infill Masonry Jobs Site Furnishings

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    Jeff Behringer and Behringer Stone Company

    Jeff Behringer and Behringer Stone Company has been in the stone masonry, stone restoration, landscape improvement, and all other things stone business in the Raleigh, NC area for over 35 years. Whether your project is a short walkway, retaining wall, barbecue pit, or a towering chimney, there is no stone structure that or masonry project Jeff Behringer cannot build for you. >>> read more about Behringer Stone Company Behringer Stone is the longest-running owner-operated stone masonry business in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The 35-plus years of commitment to providing top-quality stone masonry and construction has earned the company quite a reputation with local construction professionals and homeowners. Even if you have never contacted Jeff Behringer about adding stone to your own home or know someone who has, you have probably seen stonework in the Triangle that was done by Behringer Stone Company. >>> have a look at Jeff Behringer's work Maintaining a stone masonry business for 37 years says a lot about the quality and professionalism of Behringer Stone Company. But there is still much to admire in the numerous individual stone projects completed over the years. Behringer Stone has developed new ways of laying stone, continues use new kinds of stone, and is always happy to create new and unique masonry projects requested by customers. >>> read more about projects and stone innovation The beauty of stonework and masonry has been admired for centuries. No stone masonry company in the Triangle area appreciates the traditional aesthetic appeal of stone more than Behringer Stone Company, and noone is more eager to complete beautiful home improvements (and other projects) in stone. Feel free to contact Jeff Behringer directly via phone or email. If you would like to get a better idea of what stone enhancements can be done to your home, >>> please visit our gallery of styles and end products.

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    Winding Path Custom Stone Masonry

    I'm a stone mason, designer and musician. Stone masonry is my perfect job. It combines my love for the outdoors and physical activity, design and architecture and it provides a constantly evolving creative outlet for my restless mind. I love to learn new ways to use stone, and like music, working with stone can be a lifelong endeavor for discovery. As a Raleigh native, stone has always been present in my life. From my childhood visits to Historic Oakwood and Five Points neighborhoods with my family to touring Europe as a working musician, I was always intrigued by stone structures. Since starting Winding Path Custom Stone Masonry in 2001, stone has taken me on a challenging and creative journey. Stone has a timeless and classic feel yet lends itself to any style and I'm always willing to explore new ways to use stone. I always design and build using the style or technique that the project requires and I strive to meet a clients stylistic and practical needs.

    Brick/Stone Mason

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