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  • Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc.

    Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. PALOMA BLANCA ENTERPRISES, INC. is a family owned corporation headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. specializes in right-of-way construction and maintenance for Service Providers, General Contractors, and land owners through out the central and southwest region of the United States, performing work including but not limited to the following: Mechanical Brush Clearing, Hand Brush Clearing Gate & Fence Construction Culvert Construction Metal / Concrete Stabilized Construction Entrances & Exits - Installation and Removal Rock Gabions - Installation and Removal Silt Fence / Erosion Control Logs - Installation and Removal Grass Seeding & Reseeding Pesticide / Herbicide Applications ROW Restoration / Clean Up / Reclamation All Forms of Erosion Control Methods: Installation Maintenance Inspection SWPPP Reporting Removal All Types of Rock and Earthwork Access Roads and Padsites Concrete Curb Cuts Concrete Installation Drives / Sidewalks / Curbs / Flatwork Foundations Below Grade Grounding Control Conduit Chain link Fence Installation Existing Foundation Removal Asphalt Paving / Repair / Overlay / Sealcoat / Line Striping Utility Wood Pole Inspections: Visual Inspection IML Resistograph Testing Full Excavation Inspection and Treatment Measurement & Sounding External Ground Line Wrap Treatment Internal Treatment Excavation of Pole with Cable Attachments Inspection / Excavation and Treatment of Poles Set in Concrete Inspection / Excavation of Poles Set in Foam Ground Wire Resistance Check and Repair Ground Rod Installations Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. has been in operation since May 2005. Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. since its inception has provided services for utility municipalities in and around transmission, distribution, substations, right-of-way, utility and pipeline easements, and acreage properties. Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. maintains a high standard of safety practices that are implemented on each jobsite. All employees are OSHA 510, OSHA 500, OSHA 30 or OSHA 10 trained. As well as OSHA training all employees of Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. are certified in First Aid and CPR. Paloma Blanca Enterprises, Inc. safety program, procedures and practices are documented and can be provided upon request.

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  • Slack & Co.

    We build success. It’s a commitment to our clients and a promise we fulfill daily. Slack & Co. provides more than civil construction services. We maintain an unwavering commitment to the values that build trust with our clients: safety, quality, integrity and professionalism. Our clients know that we will always deliver superior work and superior service. As a result, since 1992 we have developed strong relationships and completed a multitude of successful public and private sector projects. From pre-construction planning through completion, Slack & Co. is known for client-focused service, a professional approach and a desire to be part of the solution, not the problem. Our entire organization is committed to doing what is right for each project we take on – and this involves every person in our organization. This approach to business paved the way for us to become the specialty contractor of choice for our clients. In an industry that often focuses more on the bottom line than on people, our client-focused approach truly sets us apart. Safely performing quality work is an integral part of daily life at every Slack & Co. job site, and safety will never be sacrificed for the sake of cost or schedule. *THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR SITE. IF YOU ARE VIEWING IT ON IE 9 & HAVING TROUBLE, PLEASE TRY IE 10, 11, OR CHROME.

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  • Dorazio Enterprises, Inc.

    About Dorazio Enterprises, Inc. MISSION: The mission of Dorazio Enterprises, INC. is to develop, operate and expand a principal industrial and power construction company with its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, that provides new electric-utility and water-resource construction, and utility-maintenance service excellence to both national and international customers. HISTORY: Over the years, Dorazio has evolved from a residential and commercial framing business into a developer of industrial properties. Dorazio has constructed electrical substations and power plants, and performed dam rehabilitation and/or modernization, and drainage-channel improvements. Dorazio has developed relationships as a General Contractor and as a major heavy-construction subcontractor for electrical utility general contractors. Dorazio has completed design-build (D-B) and design-bid-build (D-B-B) projects for commercial and industrial property developers, and has provided follow-on operation and maintenance construction services through Task Order Contracts (TOC) or Job Order Contracts (JOC). Dorazio has performed public work for government entities including the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), San Antonio River Authority (SARA), the City of San Antonio (COSA), San Antonio Water System (SAWS), CPS Energy, and numerous local municipalities. CONSTRUCTION EXPERTISE: Dorazio Enterprises, INC. is recognized around San Antonio and Central Texas as a small-business leader in electrical utility and water management construction. Dorazio specializes in all facets of new and follow-on heavy and facilities construction including: site surveys, exploratory excavation, earthwork and site preparation, grubbing and clearing, soil stripping and stockpiling, demolition and disposal, structural cast-in-place concrete, piers, concrete finishing, precast concrete, site-cast concrete, cement and concrete for earthwork, bridges, concrete repair, metal work, structural steel framing, metal bridges, wood framing, fabricated engineered structures, underground utilities, water utilities, sanitary sewer utilities, storm drainage utilities, electrical power distribution utilities, piping, drains, catch basins, detention ponds, filtration ponds, retention ponds, irrigation ponds, wet ponds, swales, weirs and culverts, SPCC pits and tanks, excavation, filling and backfilling, grading and scraping, trenching, ripping, drilling, dewatering, subgrade preparation, hauling, compacting, erosion and sedimentation control, soil treatment, soil stabilization, lime soil stabilization, geo-synthetic soil stabilization and layer separation, grouted soil nailing, sheet piling, rock stabilization, gabions, riprap, shoring, cofferdams, slurry walls, driven piles, bored piles, site maintenance, exterior improvements including bases, aggregate bases, ballasts and paving, sidewalks and driveways, asphaltic base and paving, concrete paving, airport runways, curbs and gutters, bollards, fences and gates, retaining walls, segmented walls, screens, landscaping, topsoil, seeding, hydromulching and sodding, planting, trees protection, trees, septic tanks, geotextiles and geogrid,

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  • Cedar Beetle Land Clearing

    This picture was taken the SAME DAY that Cedar Beetle cleared dense thickets of cedar and brush in the Texas Hill Country. Notice that the valuable trees and the ground are left undisturbed. Our cedar mulching process is cost effective and environment-friendly. CEDAR & BRUSH MULCHING ADVANTAGES NO BURNING NO BRUSH PILES LEFT BEHIND NO STUMPS NO HAULING NO DAMAGE TO VALUABLE TREES OR GROUND MULCH PROMOTES THE GROWTH OF NATIVE GRASS CONTACT US Was your ranch hit hard by the drought? We can clean up dead trees and brush which will significantly speed the healing process. For More info about our right of way services click here Cedar clearing, brush clearing in all of Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country is our specialty. Cedar Beetle provides cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services that require no burning in the following Texas counties: Medina County, Real County, Uvalde County, Kimble County, Edwards County, Menard County, Comal County, Bandera County and Kerr County. Our cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services are available in and around New Braunfels Texas, Bulverde Texas, Utopia Texas, Lost Maples area, Bandera Texas, Junction Texas, Mason Texas, Pipe Creek Texas, Segovia Texas, Medina Texas, Llano Texas, Center Point Texas, Boerne Texas, Uvalde Texas, Leakey Texas, Sabinal Texas, Hondo Texas, Austin Texas, Kerrville Texas, Menard Texas, Rocksprings Texas and many other areas that have become infested with cedar. Bader Ranch Lodge Frio CEDAR REMOVAL and Texas Brush Clearing IN CENTRAL TEXAS IS OUR SPECIALTY. Cedar Beetle’s cedar mulching and brush mulching process is the best technique you’ll find for the infestation problem in Texas. No burning necessary. We provide all of Central Texas including the Hill Country, San Antonio, Boerne, Kerrville, Junction, Menard, Rocksprings, Mason, Bandera, Leakey, New Braunfels, Utopia, Uvalde and surrounding areas with cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services.Cedar and brush removal will allow desirable vegetation, such as oak, pecan and native grasses to thrive, and restore land to its native condition. Ask about our native grass seeding services. Our forestry mulchers are the fastest and most cost-effective method for cedar removal, brush clearing and land clearing. We can remove cedar and brush without damaging valuable trees and the ground, leaving land in a park-like condition. Contact us for a free price quote. Our light-weight but powerful forestry mulchers can often cover twice as much ground as traditional machines in the same amount of time, grinding all unwanted trees and brush into mulch. With top-of-the-line equipment and over 30 years of experience, we clear land quickly and leave property with a manicured look. Our forestry mulchers selectively remove unwanted brush without damaging valuable trees. More traditional methods of land clearing, such as bulldozing, often result in problems for the land-owner, including expensive material haul-off, unsafe site burns, and damage to the ground and desirable trees.Our forestry mulcher’s size and maneuverability are unmatched in the land clearing industry. We can clear brush and cedar in tight spots that bulldozers won’t even attempt. Soil compaction for our machines is less than the human foot. While soil compaction of a dozer can often kill more than 20% of the valuable trees in its work area and leave unattractive ruts. Cedar Beetle machines will devour trees and brush up to 32 inches in diameter. Stumps are cut to ground level, leaving land with a smooth terrain that can be driven on by trucks and equipment immediately after land clearing and Texas Brush Clearing. Cedar will not grow back from the roots. The mulch left behind will hold soil in place during heavy rains preventing soil erosion and creates ground cover. The blanket of mulch also retains moisture and improves soil quality, promoting the germination of native grass seed. Ask about our native grass seeding services. Cedar grows much faster than other trees and chokes out desirable vegetation including oaks, pecans and even native grasses. Cedar trees (which can drink 20 gallons of water per day) create a lack of water, killing the surrounding trees and draining the water table. After cedar clearing and texas brush clearing, some landowners have seen creeks that were dry, begin to run again and springs come alive that were seemingly not there! Unlike most methods of land clearing in Texas, we can selectively clear brush and cedar without damage to other trees and the ground. This helps restore your land to its natural state. Cedar mulching and brush mulching is the most ecologically progressive technique available to Texas land owners. Help us improve Texas one acre at a time by removing the invasive cedar! In addition, Cedar Beetle offers land clearing services for Pipeline Right of Way clearing, utility line clearing (including water, gas and electric), Seismic Line Clearing and Wind Turbine site prep. PIPELINE RIGHT OF WAY SITE PREP & LAND CLEARING SERVICES Our operators have years of pipeline and oilfield experience. We use top-of-the-line forestry mulchers that can clear right of way faster than any other machine available. Cedar Beetle has successfully cleared large projects for, seismic contractors, pipeline contractors, power line right of way, major oil companies and utility/electric companies, as well as individual ranch owners. We have outstanding references and are fully insured. We bid projects by the job, hour or foot. Our machines are equipped with GPS technology ensuring your project is cleared with precision. The layer of mulch our machines leave behind creates a clean, smooth surface to work on, even in wet conditions. We leave no stumps behind, so property can be driven on by trucks and equipment immediately after land clearing. Our machines do not damage the ground or grass, making our technique the most environment friendly option for brush clearing. UTILITY LINE LAND CLEARING SERVICES Cedar Beetle provides all types of utility land clearing services including: Gas line Electric line Water line Contact us for all of your cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing needs. We work in and around the following areas: the Texas Hill Country, Medina County, Real County, Uvalde County, Kimble County, Edwards County, Comal County, Menard County, Bandera County and Kerr County. Our cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services are available in and around New Braunfels Texas, Bulverde Texas, Bandera Texas, Junction Texas, Mason Texas, Pipe Creek Texas, Segovia Texas, Medina Texas, Llano Texas, Center Point Texas, Boerne Texas, Utopia Texas, Uvalde Texas, Leakey Texas, Sabinal Texas, Hondo Texas, Kerrville Texas, Austin Texas and many other areas that have become infested with cedar. We also provide Brush clearing services in Austin Texas, Brush mulching in Austin Texas, cedar clearing in Austin Texas, cedar mulching in Austin Texas and tree mulching in Austin Texas.

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  • Lone Star Land Services

    Lone Star Land Services is a family owned & operated business. We specialize in enviromentally friendly, low impact land clearing. Trees / Brush turned into beneficial mulch with little ground disturbance. Lone Star Land Services is located out of Helotes, Texas; providing services to San Antonio and surrounding areas, incuding the Texas Hill Country. We are licensed and insured with customer satisfaction a top priority.

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  • C. W. Site Development

    New York Site Development, Earthwork, Site Utilities & Paving C. W. Site Development is a site-work development contractor located in Syracuse, New York. Founded in 1954, we deliver the highest quality site-work and development projects in Upstate New York, with an enviable on-budget and on-time completion record. We provide complete land and site development services for projects of all sizes, including government, commercial, subdivision and residential projects. When you are on deadline and need an experienced, respected site development contractor to get your project completed, you can rely on our decades of professional experience and attention to detail to get the job done.

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  • Gary Myers Excavation Inc.

    Expert excavating and Demolition Gary Myers Excavation Inc. offers a full range of excavation and demolition services including complete site work, land clearing, and grading. Our services are available to all residential and commercial customers throughout New York and Pennsylvania. We do FEMA and Municipal clean-ups and have been in business since 2002. We strive to provide you with top-quality work.

    Clearing and Grading
  • Metzger Construction Corp.

    Wappingers Falls, NY Construction and Excavation Services Metzger Construction Corp. Metzger Construction Corp. has been providing professional construction services including land clearing, site preparation, demolition service and more to Wappingers Falls, NY and the surrounding areas since 1982. No job is too big or too small and we welcome both residential and commercial construction services. We have the equipment and foreman to handle any size job and most of our foremen have been employed with us for over 20 years. Emergency service and commercial snow plowing is available for your convenience. Learn More About Metzger Construction Corp.: Site Preparation – Land clearing, rough grading, blasters, water system installations, sewer systems installations, drainage system installations, electrical work, utilities, catch basins, water mains, roads, sub-base, grading, foundations, black-topping, demolition services, and more Bridge View Excavation Services – Dump trucks, dump trailers to move material, black topping, paving, commercial paving, residential paving, driveways, parking lots, roads, commercial snow plowing, highways, asphalt paving, driveways, sidewalks, and more Horse Events – Indoor equestrian rings, outdoor equestrian rings, equestrian rings of all sizes, equestrian ring flooring, and more Bridge View Excavation Services Photo Gallery – Take a look below at some photos of excavation jobs we’ve completed in the past Metzger Construction Photo Gallery – View photos of construction jobs we’ve completed in the past Metzger Construction Corp. is located in Wappingers Falls, NY but also offer their services to all of New York. All foremen have completed a 30 hour Osha Certification Course and references will be provided on request. Contact Metzger Construction Corp. today at 845-221-9412, or browse our website for more information about our products and services.

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  • Pooler Enterprises, Inc.

    Superior quality from the ground up Pooler Enterprises, Inc. is a general sitework contractor located in Fishers, a suburb of Rochester, NY. We provide a variety of land development and construction services throughout New York State. As a sitework contractor with over 21 years of experience, we have focused our energy in growing a successful company through quality workmanship and consistent on time, on budget projects for our customers, whatever their needs. We offer a full range of construction services, which include Estimating, Land Clearing, Earth Moving, Installation of Utilities (sanitary, storm or water), Asphalt, Foundations, Structural Concrete and Flatwork. Ancillary services such as providing topsoil and snow removal are also available. Pooler Development, LLC offers turn-key design build solutions for commercial buildings allowing customers the ability to contract for everything from site acquisition to a finished building

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  • B-C Excavating, Inc.

    B-C Excavating, Inc. is a full service, fully insured and licensed, multi-generational family owned company specializing in land clearing services

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