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  • Dry Otter Waterproofing

    Ensure Your Home Stays in Great Condition with Our Waterproofing Services When you are concerned with the general maintenance of your home, don’t forget about the basement or crawl space. In order to keep your home in good condition you should invest in waterproofing services, especially if you have noticed any leakage, condensation in duct works, standing water, smells, moisture problems, cupping floors, or mold growth. All of these signs of moisture are proof that you need basement waterproofing or possible crawl space repair. At Dry Otter Waterproofing we service homeowners in the Denver, NC, Mecklenburg County, NC, and Charlotte, NC areas. We have over twenty years of experience and work hard to offer our customers the proper solutions that meet their requirements.

    Foundation/Foundation Repair
  • Blake’s Waterproofing

    We are a fully insured Basement Waterproofing Company locally owned and operated and we proudly serve all of North Carolina. Our focus is on providing quality craftsmanship at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction and completely warranty all our work. As a Basement Waterproofing Company, that you can trust, our reputation for excellence has been built one customer and project at a time. You’ll enjoy the work we perform hassle free for years to come. This is our pledge to you as a property owner or a property management company.

    Foundation/Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Repair Charlotte

    As a Foundation repair consultant and basement/crawlspace waterproofing expert my job is to help you solve your foundation problems regardless of the cause. Over my 20+ years of foundation inspections I’ve experienced first hand hundreds of examples

    Foundation/Foundation Repair
  • Absolute Foundation Repair

    ​Let Absolute Foundation Repair help you! ​Whether your commercial structure requires heavy-duty piles or a customized install schedule around business hours, Absolute Foundation Repair is experienced and ready to meet your job's requirements. Absolute Foundation Repair is your best source for commercial and residential foundation construction projects that are professionally finished and competitively priced. We specialize in both new construction and existing structures. Picture ​Homeowners in need of foundation repair, a property owner seeing signs of foundation problems (cracked bricks, leaning chimneys, etc.), or a real-estate agent needing a free no-obligation estimate, we are here to help you. ​​Contractors or property managers that are in need of commercial foundation repair or new-construction piles, contact us for more information. ​Absolute Foundation Repair is ready to serve all your foundation repairs and construction needs. Call us today at 919-590-9828 for a free estimate, or use the form at the right and we will get back to you quickly. ​Our Services Foundation Underpinning: Repair settled structures permanently from the foundation up. Basement Wall Stabilization: Repair bowed or broken walls permanently. Brick Pointing: Cosmetic brick repair and pointing. Slab Jacking: Raising settled concrete slabs, garage floors, slab on grade homes, driveways, concrete patios, etc. Waterproofing: Complete water management systems, exterior and interior waterproofing, interceptor ditches, French drain systems, etc. Engineered Repairs: Repairs based on engineer's specification or recommendations. Retaining Walls: Installation of retaining walls to prevent or stop erosion. Crawl Space Drainage: Install interior perimeter foundation drains in crawlspace to remove standing water and reduce moisture levels. Under Home Structural Repairs: Repairs to level or reduce bounce in floors such as sister joist, dropped girders, additional CMU piers, etc.

    Foundation/Foundation Repair
  • Structural Repair Services Offered By Falcone (866) 651-8989

    Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair offers a wide range of services to both North and South Carolina, including rotted beam replacement, helical installation, waterproofing and much more. At Falcone, we pride ourselves on creating happy homeowners! This means specialized crews who are specifically trained for a particular service so they can do the best job possible. We value a job done quickly, effectively, and correctly. All of our services are backed by the Falcone family name. Noticed something out of sync in your home? Here are a few symptoms of structural damage: Sagging, sloped, uneven floors Sagging roof Cracks in walls, or ceilings Leaning walls Doors that stick or don’t close properly In need of structural repair services? Click below for your crawl space repair needs: Beam Replacement Pier Supports Foundation Wall Repair Helical Piers Drainage and Waterproofing Prevention: Vapor Barriers & More ATMOX and Crawlspace Ventilation Floor Insulation Mold Wash and Mold Guard Engineers Crawl Space Tune-up

    Foundation/Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Repairs

    INSTALLATION OF UNDERPINNING HELICAL PIERS The installation of underpinning helical piers is a proven method of repairing foundations which have experienced settlement. The helical piers provide support and stabilization for the sections of a foundation which have experienced settlement by transferring the weight of the structure from the base of the foundation (the footing) down to a layer of suitable load bearing soils. Carolina Foundation Solutions specializes in the installation of underpinning helical piers as a means of foundation repairs. CFS is a certified CHANCE Installer and takes pride in using the best materials in the foundation repair industry. We use helical pier products manufactured by CHANCE which are ICC-ES certified, and that consist of hot dipped galvanized steel made in the USA. CHANCE is the oldest and most trusted manufacturer of helical pier products in the world. In 1912, A.B. CHANCE became the first manufacturer of helical pier systems. In addition to the “Life of Structure Warranty” offered by CFS, the helical piers are also covered by a “30 Year Peace of Mind Warranty” by CHANCE.

    Foundation/Foundation Repair

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