Raleigh, NC


Frequently used by most local banks, savings and loan associations, mortgage brokers, credit unions, finance companies. References, samples and resumes are available upon your request. HOME BUILDERS - We perform proposed construction appraisals for over 30 builders in the Research Triangle Area. REALTORS - We encourage you to call for answers to valuation questions you might have. If you should need someone to speak at one of your weekly office meetings on a topic relative to appraisals, I would be more than happy to do so. RELOCATION COUNSELORS - We are approved by all major employee relocation companies. ATTORNEYS - Equitable distribution, property rights, encroachments, easements and their effects on value. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES - Partial taking of interests easements, right of ways, condemnation.

1042 Washington St Raleigh, NC 27605-1258
Raleigh, NC
United States
(919) 833-2075

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