Charlotte, NC


Deciding The Right Fence For You There are many deciding factors that play a role in picking the right fence for you. Do you need privacy? Is your dog safe from traffic? Do you have a safe place for your children to play? Or, maybe your yard just needs a new look with security. We will help you find a fence that will best meet your needs. Residential Wood All lumber used in privacy, picket and formal rail fencing is #2 grade or better. Gate frames are the best brace structure to minimize sag and our gate hardware is the best the industry has to offer. All treated posts are set in cement. Vinyl Fence Vinyl FenceOur vinyl fence styles are formulated with a UV inhibitor for outdoor toughness and color hold. Vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free, only needing an occasional cleaning with a soft brush or cloth and mild detergent. Most vinyl fencing is available in white, tan, and gray. Vinyl fencing eliminates warp age, splintering and fading, and gives you the classic, timeless look of painted wood.

Charlotte, NC
United States
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