Erica Wolfe

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Haven't you always wanted to live in a Log Cabin? I mean who hasn't right? At Least 7 US presidents were either born in or have lived in a Log Cabin, and who knows maybe your little Johnny could be the 8th? We all now know it is super trendy to be all organic, but are you even really organic if you don't live in a Log Cabin? What if said Log Cabin has an organic garden and tons of fruit trees on it's 1.2 acres - that would make you super trendy, dare I even say hipster? -- Open Concept? Open concept is standard in all Log Cabins. But this Log Cabin is better than other Log Cabins because it has a built in FORT! (Technically it's a loft, but don't tell little Johnny that).

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Single Family,
(Residential for Sale)

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