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Forgottonia ( as well spelled Forgotonia) is the term provided to a 16-county region in Modern western Illinois in the late 1960s and also early on 1970s. This geographic area types the distinctive western bulge of Illinois which is about comparable to “The Tract”, the Illinois part of the Military Tract of 1812, along and also west of the 4th Main Meridian (see Principal meridian). Because this wedge-shaped area lies between the Illinois and also Mississippi waterways, it includes normally been remote (river bridge access) from the asian part of Central Illinois.

The term Forgottonia is made by Jack Horn, boy of civically minded Coca-Cola local bottler Frank “Pappy” Horn ; John Armstrong, Macomb Inner room of Commerce Board Member ; and also Neil Gamm, a Modern western Illinois University theatre college student along with a graduate of VIT (Vermont-Ipava-Table Grove) High School. The move grew from disappointment among the people and public officials of western Illinois because of the insufficient support for local transportation and also infrastructure projects.Federal government funding for a highway from Chicago to Kansas City went via the heart of western Illinois was beat by the U.S. Congress (1955, 1968, 1972), passenger rail support from Quincy and Macomb to Chicago was lowered in 1970. Carthage College filled up and relocated to Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1964.

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