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Michiana is a spot in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan devoted to the city of South Bend, Indiana. The Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County, Indiana defines Michiana as St. Joseph County and also counties that participate at least 500 inbound commuting employees to St. Joseph County daily.” Those regions consist of Elkhart, La Porte, Marshall, St. Joseph, and also Starke in Indiana, and Berrien and Cass in Michigan. As of the year the 2010 census, the populace of these 7 counties was 856,377 (647,271 in Indiana and also 209,106 in Michigan).

The term is a portmanteau of “Michigan” and “Indiana” and also was selected since the winning entry, purportedly provided by Indiana politician Thurman C. Crook, in a competition to term the area kept by the Connected South Bend Retailers in 1934. The phrase is often used all through the area, especially by local radio and also television stations dependent in South Bend that work the whole area, but additionally by companies that attempt to draw clients from Indiana into Michigan or the other way round. A 2016 state claimed that citizens in the Michigan part are extremely fond of the phrase due to it including part of the state term instead of common terms for the area for example”the South Bend region

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