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Goodland is a city in along with the state seat of Sherman City, Kansas, United States. As of the year the 2010 census, the city populace was 4,489. It had been called after Goodland, Indiana. Goodland is a haven for Northwest Kansas Technical College.


Certainly one of the earliest pieces of documented history concerning Goodland concerns the Kidder Massacre. On July 2, 1867, a seclusion of the second United States Cavalry Regiment was massacred ; second lieutenant Lyman S. Kidder in command of the party, a sergeant, a corporal, 8 privates and also an Indian guide shed their life. These folks were carrying dispatches for Lieutenant Colonel George Custer. Later, Custer discovered evidence of a functioning battle along Beaver Creek, which resulted in a ravine where the remains they were discovered. They had been slaughtered by Cheyenne and/or Sioux Indians.

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