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Texas is the 2nd biggest and 2nd most populous state in the United States of America. Due to its amazing size, unique culture and politics, and colorful history, a lot of Texans sustain a fiercely independent attitude, with Texan identification often superseding American identity. Couple of other American states feature their flag so widely in businesses, on the backs of cars and in advertisements. Initially a territory of Spain and, later, Mexico, Texas rebelled in 1836 and grew to become a nation for 10 years before becoming annexed by the United States in 1845. Even with been around under the auspices of six different nations ( France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America, along with the United States of America ), Texas has preserved its fascinating independent spirit, producing for a Unique and unparalleled exploration ground for almost any intrigued and intrepid adventurer.

Vacation Rental in Texas

Discover the sandy beaches or the amazing forests and canyons. Placed on your cowboy boots and experience world-famous music, arts, sports and food. Your Texas getaway rental is calling.

Texas is a huge state filled with big chances. Looking for beautiful, soft beaches with amazing views ? Rugged landscapes with untamed wildlife ? What about urban pleasure with world-class art museums, historic landmarks and top-notch nightlife ? The Lone Star State has vacation adventure possible – in addition some extraordinary Texas vacation rentals and rustic cabin rentals to boot.

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